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Like the other relationships that Niko has with his friends in GTA IV, favor can be gained with girlfriends by taking them to different venues around the city.

Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0100". Note: This phone number translates to "WET-555-0100". Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0100". Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0150".

Spawn Super GT Dial "2275550168" on the cell phone.

This is less useful than it sounds, as it doesn't work during a mission. Date her a few times and she will get rid of a 1 or 2 star wanted level for you. You can only date Kiki when you have access to Algonquin. To contact her you have to go to click on Women Seeking Men, and look for someone described as 'Party girl seeks man for NSA fun and blog material'. Date her a few times and she'll get you a 50% discount at Perseus clothes shops. She keeps a blog at Blogsnobs as Liberated Woman, so you can read all about yourself.

Once you've made the first move you have to watch your e-mail and you will be given the chance to meet up.

If you get dumped, you can try again, although it'll take a while. just was confused that they would have a dating website and cant date them lolbut yeah that health and wanted level is great, the cops r always after me for no reason, thats what really gets my blood boiling in this game!

Michael arrives home to find his wife Amanda cheating on him with her tennis coach, Kyle Chavis.

The ability to date girlfriends, introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, returns in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Like in GTA San Andreas, two of the girlfriends are introduced during the storyline.

Preferences After the mission Out of the Closet for Brucie Kibbutz, dates can be set up online through

12-24 in-game hours after contacting the girl, she sends Niko an email.

This code prevents the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.


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