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Based on this information, the server can withhold unimportant packages and thus allowing the client to stay in deep sleep for longer. If you are online with multiple devices simultaneously, the XEP-0280: Message Carbons will be used to send copies of both your sent and received messages to all devices.

If you are installing Conversations on a new device or catching up after being offline for a while, Conversations will use XEP-0313: Message Archive Management to fetch the message history from your server. Conversations uses XEP-0333: Chat Markers to inform you when your messages have been read.

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Conversations allows you to easily share files with your contacts and embeds images directly into your chat. If you are using more than one device at the same time, both your sent and received messages will show up on all devices.

Message confirmation Conversations will automatically load the message history from your server when you need it.

We also made it very easy to register an account on our very own XMPP server .

The internet connection on cell phones is rather unstable.

If you need to handle a large contact base, you can enable it via the Do you want to use Conversations in your company and require assistance in setting up a suitable XMPP server or are you having problems getting started with Conversations?

Contact the maintainer Daniel Gultsch to purchase professional support.

It constantly switches between Wi Fi and 3G and might even drop out on occasion.

The XEP-0198: Stream Managment allows Conversations to survive those switches.

Contrary to other methods of publishing avatars, the PEP based approach handles data usage more efficiently by separating data and meta data.

On top of that, Conversations allows you to use the contact name and pictures provided by the Android address book. Being able to organize your contacts into groups has been an XMPP feature for a long time.

Profile pictures Even though Conversations keeps its own connection to the XMPP server and thus is independent of Google’s push messaging system (GCM), it does a lot of work to keep the impact on battery life as low as possible.

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